Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Monkey selfie

Because ...

... you wanted more than you deserve,
you get less than you are worth.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Olympic spirit

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Carpe Diem

It was a burden almost too much to bear

But what is a holier experience
a more infinite blessing
than that of being alive
of being in the realm of the living
capable of action and influence
capable of walking a line
when it would seem all is pushing you from it
but you know it must be done
its a marathon to go the distance

finally crossing ...
no need to ask what is next
just to collapse in happiness
and thank those who walked with you
and gave a hand and urged you on
when all hope was lost

finally crossing the line

it was a burden too great to bear
were it not shared with friends.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Poetry of an interlude

Where's the poetry in that?
... It won't be found.

Nay, here it be:
... A decry,
on grounds of a
complete and utter lack;
Poetry of emptiness;
Poetry of imagining it could be otherwise;
Poetry of higher expectations;
Poetry of dissatisfaction
... with where the universe has put you now

(There have been so many other richer moments).
Poetry of an interlude,
a musical rest
without which there would be no music.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.