Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


The timeless challenge of humanity

Finding strength and ingenuity to be positive, constructive and engaged in face of life's cruelty and injustice is the timeless challenge of humanity.

This curious phrase, once uttered in a mind's echo in solitude under a full moon, can help us along our way:

The meaning of life is to give life meaning

... and to seek out darjeeling,  bergamot and walnuts, wherever they may be found, and spread their humble wisdoms thus imparted.

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Catch a river

Beautiful, destructuve,
boundaries, transformative.

Rise above the banks,
and flood the earth
with your liquid richness.

The untethered beauty
that becomes a swamp in a cage.

-- (c) 2013 DBW, all rights reserved.


A commentary on the final remarks of "BBC Horizon - Thinking"

"if the mind was a computer
then the freedom of the will would be an illusion

[i.e. the will of the will is an illusion of the will ... true]

we wouldn't really think for ourselves
[false, not implied, false dichotomy: the illusion of freedom of will is compatible with thinking for oneself, yet another illusion of the will]
but we do
[think for ourselves that is, illusory or not, it is true by definition]
and instead exactly what thinking is
remains to be seen"



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1e10 friends for ∞

All right, that's it, fuck it.
Fuck privacy.

Embrace the NWO: 1e10 friends.
Plaster your life all over the internet

for ∞ eternity ∞

No need to worry
It'll be lost in "The Cloud"
of too much information
to humanly process.

Enter the robots,
new class divisions,
and empires of automation,
until the oil runs out.

God bless our Delicious Earth.
We'll suck her dry.

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.


I want a movie that reads like a book

I want a movie that reads like a book
I want a dream everywhere I look

But you cant have the ocean
                            inside a cup
  And you can't have emotion

Without          no              luck

I walked all the way to Hamburg
                       to find some space
Caught a bus out to Amsterdam
    running from the human race

I told 'em
I want a movie that reads like a book
but they gave me a dream on
                               the end of a hook

Cuz you can't have emotion
                         inside a cup
And you can't have the ocean
                layin on the rocks

I caught a ride to the mooon
       but you don't come back
   and you'll see all too sooon
you ain't never never never never
never never never never comin back

No you ain't never never never never
never never never coming back

So kiss me now
                              under the sun
And show me how
                              you wanna run

I got to get this feeling out of here
                       that its all been done
and we were never free ...............
                                that its all a run
                 towards nothing nothing
   nothing nothing nothing nothing
                             nothing left of me

I want emotion I want mystère
I want your fingers running through my hair
I wanna see a movie that reads like a book
and I want to dream everywhere I look

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.


Idea flow

Idea flow

how to document a river?
sort out
take to fruition


ideas come better
if not recording them
free of secretary responsibilities


ideas are fragile and fleeting
not externalized
or burned into synapses

short term memory
jumping like a humming bird from flower to flower
unravels ideas like a fraying rope

It is better to leave a trail of breadcrumbs
god forbid one should lose their way
and become entranced by a candy house

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On Creativity ...

Its not just ...
Mental babble
Free association
The hoard of monkeys feverishly attempting shakespeare

There must be an element of "get it right the first time"
stroke of genius
or luck.

John Cleese on Creativity says it takes time.

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.