Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Nocturne - the ideal player

Nocturne number twenty one,
opus two number eight,
in sea minor.

Imagine the ideal player ...
May I be so crass as to split hairs
between perfect and ideal?
Perfect is a correctness factor of unity.
Perfect allows no statistical fluctuations.
Perfect wears a ballroom gown,
and make up for a wedding.
Perfect has played the piece so many times
so as to achieve a 100% success rate.
Perfect is the execution of a program,
a clockwork deterministic reliable machine,
beautiful in its complexity,
programmed down to every detail,
an unconcious automaton,
fully admiral in its precision and complexity.
Yet, the metric of success came from outside,
and it was a long journey to embody a mentor's metric of success,
their own source was quiet, a distraction.
Perfect is a facade, where the player is but the building material.
The artists is elsewhere.
Their own source was silenced to prevent mistakes.

Ideal accepts statistical fluctuations and finds opportunity in them.
Ideal dresses for comfort, to let the music flow.
For Ideal, makeup is not their concern,
but sitting in that chair, state of mind is.
Ideal has played the piece time and time
again, to explore all corners of its beauty,
honouring each,
to develop a gut feeling,
an intuition.
Technicalities are no longer a distraction,
and the essence can flow
as if it was an extension of the players body, mind and soul,
as if the player is in their own trance,
returning to visit childhood imaginary friends
for a delightful conversation.
Ideal requires relaxation,
which requires safety,
which requires the player to have their own gushing source,
rather than a projection
... of what the communal them are wanting and expecting of the player.
It is a pursuit of a state of mind.
It is the discovering of one's own spring,
and learning what makes it flow

Oh dear player, are you real?

I am my own father figure.
Of course I have a biological father,
and that is a part of me,
but I had the freedom to pick and choose
role models, and make myself in my own image.

-- (c) 2017 DBW, all rights reserved.



Desire, want, supersedes distant need, but not immediate need.
At what distance?

It is ok so long as the resolve to address urgent needs is high.
Lack of resolve and procrastination leads to failure.

On the other hand,
there are anticipation and proactivity.
To those there are limits,
imposed by our own limitations
and degree of resolve to be proactive.

Being proactive requires mental effort to visualize the future
and creativity to devise and evaluate possibilities,
to which there are limits imposed by human cognition,
the chaos of human society, and the law of diminishing return.

Resolve and creativity to find the right balance
... and implement is key.

-- (c) 2017 DBW, all rights reserved.


Something deeper, not your big break

There is something deeper.
It's all around you.
Can't you see it?

There is plenty deeper.
Everywhere you look,
It's turtles all the way down.

It's not your big break.
It's in the music, it's in the stars,
It's in the gentle undulations of a calm sea reflecting the moon.

It's sufficient to look up from what you're doing,
Look around for what you are not seeing,
And appreciate the meaning of it all.

(C) 2017 DBW



A mountain looks higher at the bottom,
a road looks longer a the start,
so some call them dreams,
but they are just roads and mountains.

-- (c) 2017 DBW, all rights reserved.