Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts



Desire, want, supersedes distant need, but not immediate need.
At what distance?

It is ok so long as the resolve to address urgent needs is high.
Lack of resolve and procrastination leads to failure.

On the other hand,
there are anticipation and proactivity.
To those there are limits,
imposed by our own limitations
and degree of resolve to be proactive.

Being proactive requires mental effort to visualize the future
and creativity to devise and evaluate possibilities,
to which there are limits imposed by human cognition,
the chaos of human society, and the law of diminishing return.

Resolve and creativity to find the right balance
... and implement is key.

-- (c) 2017 DBW, all rights reserved.


Something deeper, not your big break

There is something deeper.
It's all around you.
Can't you see it?

There is plenty deeper.
Everywhere you look,
It's turtles all the way down.

It's not your big break.
It's in the music, it's in the stars,
It's in the gentle undulations of a calm sea reflecting the moon.

It's sufficient to look up from what you're doing,
Look around for what you are not seeing,
And appreciate the meaning of it all.

(C) 2017 DBW



A mountain looks higher at the bottom,
a road looks longer a the start,
so some call them dreams,
but they are just roads and mountains.

-- (c) 2017 DBW, all rights reserved.