Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


What would be awesome?

ksnapshot -> tesseract -> klipper

with programming language syntax hinting support.

Use case: Navigate to a book on google books,

press "print screen", highlight code and it appears in your clipboard.

In fact, this book is online here.


Morning after 56 herbs

Of want

Of desire

Of intent to deny

  the existence of principles
  by which one can smoothly live out ones days

Of boredom

Of heartlessness

Of aggression

  Do I relive my father's essence
  because I am his son?

Of desire to lead
Of burning intent
Of want of result
Of aggression for resolution
Of heartlessness for the loyal
Of boredom for the principles

  I relive my fathers essence
  for I am his son.

Now, in this calm hour,
in the presence of friends,
the bottle was drank
but returned for refund.

The body is wise.
Not like the mind,
  always trying to justify its existence.

Existence describes what a body does.

Fear the mind,
  trust the body.
Though the mind leads,
  the body follows.

All the faults you find in me are true.
I left without saying goodbye.
But see that I did right to return,
as you knew I would.
These faults are those of a young man.
The faults of pollen and seamen.

The mind has done enough damage here.
Approaching soon let the mind find calm
  comfort in nothingness
  while the body exists through it.
While the body persits,
stronger, truer,
loving the mind for its concoctions,
admiring the mind,
as a mother
her son.

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.



It is human nature to want to experience either the complete destruction of life on earth as we know it, the tragedy, armageddon, or its complete salvation, the epic, the promised land, in our own lifetimes. Remembered will be the story of those who do not: Those who chose rather Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts, and how they triumphed over the conundrum of their own insignificance.

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.


The Partisan

Arpeggio applied to perseverance, as bergamot to darjeeling


It's an illusion, you see ...

Stare at the walnut in the middle, and see the colors of bergamot and darjeeling appear where they don't belong.

© 2008 van Lier & Vergeer

Van Lier, Vergeer, Anstis, 2009, Filling-in afterimage colors between the lines, Current Biology, 19 (8), R323-R324.

Source http://illusioncontest.neuralcorrelate.com/2008/filling-in-the-afterimage-after-the-image
"I heard my soul singing behind a leaf, plucked the leaf, but then I heard it singing behind a veil. I tore the veil, but then I heard it singing behind a wall. I broke the wall, and I heard my soul singing against me. I built up the wall, mended the curtain, but I could not put back the leaf. I held it in my hand and I heard my soul singing mightily against me. This is what it’s like to study without a friend."

--- Leonard Cohen, Book of Mercy

Someone else found the same walnut.

Kimchi Ramyun HDR

  • Cook chopped carrot in 500ml boiling water for 10 mins
  • Add broccoli, asparagus, green onion, zucchini
  • Boletus edulis mushroom chips, dried (2 tbsp or so)
  • Dried seaweed (1tbsp or so)
  • Tofu cubes
  • 1 Nong Shim KimChi Ramyun (organic food bigots observe moderation now) noodles, and half of flavour packet.  No wait, it was a tough day at the office, and you need a little reckless abandon.  Go ahead, add all the flavour, you deserve it!
  • mix 1tsp - 1tbsp miso with 100 ml boiling water, and add to soup
  • top with bean sprouts
Get out the darjeeling, bergamot and walnuts: This soup has some olfactorial high dynamic range.   

This time I used a tripod, and exposed 5 shots at different ISOs.  Used  qtpfsgui (from Ubuntu 9.04 main repo) to do the merge and the tone mapping: Fattal (alpha=0.304, beta=0.89, color_sat=0.54, noise_red=0.0)
Where do you get your fix?

Darjeeling - Twinnings, with that aroma likened to the muscatel grape.

Bergamot - Picked some up at the Vietnamese trader in Renens. Life hasn't been the same.

Walnuts - Vitamin E from the tree, of course. Get cracking!


Mental Note: Nomeansno tours Europe

Tour dates, spit & vinegar, and de dag dat alles in niets opging.

High Dynamic Range

If you drink alone, you just might be an alcoholic. Along with Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts, a good 10 year Coy Tain malt is something I certainly enjoy for it's high dynamic range. As always, in moderation.

My first attempt at an hdr image with qtptfgui, next time I'll use a tri-pod ... It appears as if I was excessively moderate in exercising moderation.

About DBW

Here are random notes, and things to be enjoyed in moderation. This is my best attempt at subjecting myself to a face book ... but you can opt in or out and still be my friend.

OCR in Polish on Linux

A mental note to myself on getting text from images, and using a non-standard dictionary.

Software of choice: tesseract, gimagereader, tesseract-polish, Python, emacs.


- kubuntu 9.04
- sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-eng tesseract-ocr-deu tesseract-ocr-fra
- get tesseract-polish source and copy pol.* to /usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata/


is a quick and dirty GUI frontend to tesseract, but it does the job very well. I got the source ... careful, the tar does not include a main truck "gimagereader" so create one and extract it in there. Edit src/main.py to add Polish dictionary @ lines 239 and 256 add ("pol","Polish") and ("pol","Polish","pl_PL") respectively. Edit src/config.py @ lines 111-116: following the if ... !="/" change outer get_text to set_text, then "make install".

$ gimagereader

In the dialog asking for dictionary files, enter /usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata/, apply.

My images were generated from a pdf using gimp pdf import at 200 DPI, higher resolutions seem to have caused tesseract some problems, such that gimagereader "recognize" found no text.

Process is as follows:

1. Open image

2. In the langauge dropdown in the toolbar, select Polish, the new dictionary we added.

3. Select the column of text to be recognized, and click "recognize". Repeat for additional columns. To the right, in the text box that appears, the OCR'd text will appear. Though the "Insert At cursor" is a sane default, allowing regions to be recognized in sequence, other options are available. Save.


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