Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Asparagus and the absence of knowledge

The loss of knowledge
Wild asparagus
Starving in abundance
Can't put 2 and 2 together to save your life
In time
Up against nothing
But time
And comfort zone


I've dreamed the mark of a master

I've had a lucid dream 
an interpretation
of a real experience

but the dream was more lucid than the real
a posthoc realization
the gentle progression of the day
eclipsed by an afterthought
Like looking in the mirror
and finding you're the reflection

It was this.

In my dream, my mind replayed a guitar player,
mirroring an impromptu gig in an Erice Marsala cellar.
It was not the song I remembered.
Now I cannot play even a Ramones song,
but here replaying in my mind
was a song I've never heard.
I was conscious it was a dream,
a manufactured total experience,
and yet I could recognize a skill in the player
far exceeding my own.

So effortlessly forthcoming,
precision without tension, 
speed without hesitation.
An extension of the body,
the song an old friend,
yet entirely new to me.

I was conscious it was a dream,
a manufactured total experience,
and yet I could recognize a skill in the player
far exceeding my own.

I can imagine an expert,
without being one myself 

So effortlessly forthcoming,
precision without tension, 
speed without hesitation.
An extension of the body,
the song an old friend,
beauty from imperfection
and apparent happenstance.

The mark of a master.

To play music,
we have to choose an instrument.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.

It's all around you

It's all around you 

at the doors of perception

A leap of conciousness
 in an instant
the mystery falls away

... a what if scenario

It happens every day 
in an analogous way

The secrets are right before us
... in plain view
Just looking isn't enough

I see a pristine coastal lake
I hear the haunting call of a loon
My brother is near me
beholding the spectacle
A vibrant ecosystem
spared of motors

Like Columbus' "India"
the significance evades us

... in plain view
the secrets are right before us
the mystery falls away
  in an instant
 a leap of conciousness
 at the doors of perception
 It's all around us
awaiting our faculties of mind
to awaken

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Ceci n'est pas un poem

just words and sentences
that suited my fancy
a me(a)ssage for my sub- and consciousness
for the future since 2010

Darjeeling, bergamot and walnuts they say
up and lifted the Lorax away.
Although contrarywise, the opposite is true
Those who did the lifting away, those are you
who bang your who trinkets and bang your who trumpets
Going on without noticing what we must do.

Now I am no poet, I just speak for the trees
without whom you can return to the ocean if you please
To hang with the curious oysters and fishes
If all you want for the world is to grant your three wishes.

Too many a lichen have struggled on rocks
than justify a collection of pink cashmere socks
The power of life has been granted to you
Now go hurry up and figure out what to do.


By any other name?

Tai Chi
Chai Tea

A dalinprome?

Chai darjeeling
Thai bergamot

Why walnuts?



Explorers venture out to discover what is unknown to them. The world is getting smaller, but more complex. There is more to learn and know than ever. The modern explorer is a bridge builder between pockets of knowledge... A work in progress. Perpetual.

- Airline pilots
- Gene sequencers
- Healers of ailments of the heart, by surgery
- Antarctic navigators
- Caribou hunters, for livelihood
- Natives of the Amazon


Perfection and kingfishers ...

Listening skills

A good listener is alert,
searching for those chance flashes of the world,
moving mountains in their mind.
If you blink, you'll miss it.

Broadly speaking, listening styles exhibit two extremes:
A) Find the truth in what is being said
B) Find the falsehood in what is being said

In A), one works with the conversation partner, saying "yes and", refining the shared viewpoint with active listening approaches.  It recognizes the short comings of language do not imply shortcomings of organization of thoughts, and poorly formulated positions. In general, language is a severe straight-jacket for developed thought frameworks.  It recognizes semantics are defined by connections to other thoughts and terms.

In B), one confronts the conversation partner with holes and flaws in the language, sometimes finding flaws in the argument.  Often debate becomes  semantic in nature, as short comings of language are inherent in its serial, unmathematical and improvised nature.  Often this distracts from convergence to jointly formulated positions, and conceptual and thought frameworks.

Other extremes likely exist.

For example, a third extreme, C), is team free association. Governed less by logic, and more by first impressions, conversations evolve rapidly and richly.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Made with Real SUGAR

Consumer advisory: Lowering of customer expectations, and then raising them again doesn't make the final product any more meritorious than the original.


Its not size that counts, but how you use it

I have never taken an IQ test,
and I think I never will.

To me intelligence is the capacity
to see things from many points of view

and we all have our unique points of view,
so we are all unique intelligences

To compare intellects on a number line is
as vastly inadequate
as climbing a tree to reach the stars.
Simultaneously the right direction and a dead-end
- close but no cigar
- a monkey's invention

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Brecht on life

In Praise of the Fighters Those who are weak don't fight. Those who are stronger might fight for an hour. Those who are stronger still might fight for many years. The strongest fight their whole life. They are the indispensable ones.
-- from the version of The Mother that Brecht did with composer Hans Eisler in 1931.

Mental note: Find the original German version.

The 10 Worst Sonnets Based on Buzzfeed Lists


The determined coward ...

What might the determined coward look like?

I suppose it has something to do with perseverance in cold dark places and severe conditions, when sheep are enjoying greener pastures elsewhere.

 -- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Monkey selfie

Because ...

... you wanted more than you deserve,
you get less than you are worth.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Olympic spirit

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Carpe Diem

It was a burden almost too much to bear

But what is a holier experience
a more infinite blessing
than that of being alive
of being in the realm of the living
capable of action and influence
capable of walking a line
when it would seem all is pushing you from it
but you know it must be done
its a marathon to go the distance

finally crossing ...
no need to ask what is next
just to collapse in happiness
and thank those who walked with you
and gave a hand and urged you on
when all hope was lost

finally crossing the line

it was a burden too great to bear
were it not shared with friends.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Poetry of an interlude

Where's the poetry in that?
... It won't be found.

Nay, here it be:
... A decry,
on grounds of a
complete and utter lack;
Poetry of emptiness;
Poetry of imagining it could be otherwise;
Poetry of higher expectations;
Poetry of dissatisfaction
... with where the universe has put you now

(There have been so many other richer moments).
Poetry of an interlude,
a musical rest
without which there would be no music.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Writer's imagination ...

"It is an extremely common mistake. People think the writer's imagination is always at work, that he's constantly inventing an endless supply of incidents and episodes; that he simply dreams up his stories out of thin air. In point of fact, the opposite is true. Once the public knows you're a writer, they bring the characters and events to you. And as long as you maintain your ability to look, and to carefully listen, these stories will continue to..."

                                 --- The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Opening remarks


Imagine imperceptible change

Our senses
perceive change 
far better 
than our memories

If change is slow enough
it doesn't feel like change at all

Bridging time-scales
is not a trivial task
from a neuronal perspective

A topic for the imagination.

Bring chocolate
and a wooden spoon.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.

You ask, what is my art?

My life it is my art,
this road I walk
                 my canvas.
My body is my brush,
God knows
                 What are the colours?

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Nothing was as perfect ...

Nothing was as perfect
as it's told in the bible

God especially,
an exaggeration of man,
likes parable.

The rough, raw, and real bits
are leaft to the imagination
to imagine.

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


Some time alive

Getting from A → B
The reason plain 2C
Easy as 1 2 3
from 9 2 5

Abroad in search of fun
Full moon and rising suns
Need some space to run,
some time alive

Getting from C → D
Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee
king coal and the fiddlers three
from 9 2 5

Abroad and back at home
Don't call me on the phone
Need some time alone,
some time alive

-- (c) 2015 DBW, all rights reserved.


What a view ...

Katskhi Pillar Monk, Maxime Qavtaradze, Renews Age-Old Tradition In Georgia


Natura enim humanus

Natura enim humanus animus agilis est et pronus ad motus

Nature of the human mind to be active and prone to wandering

Natur des menschlichen Geistes aktiv und anfällig für Bewegung zu sein