Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Seriously, these people are WIRED

Present the masterpiece to your guest. For all they know, this is how you always make coffee. Michael Conroy.

who has trained himself to sleep in one-hour bursts. This gives him time to run his firm and fit in book-writing, race-sailing and all the other distractions of achievement-focused wakefulness.

"You could build traffic noise into a dream.", not he stresses, when he's driving.

A hundred thousand years ago, if you slept for eight hours, you'd be eaten

Home-gym heroes - exercise tech you won't want to hide in the basement

Don't be fooled by the penny farthing looks: its electric motor will carry you 10km on a single charge, at speeds up to 20kmh. £3,000 ...

laid down in layers and heated, fusing the particles into a form generated by algorithms.

Next I want to make a doorbell that sounds like a dying star

Researchers have developed a way to compare aromas visually

comes as a stainless steel box; you bash a seat into it with a hammer (supplied). $9,750.

Canadian poet wants his work to live on after he's gone. Like, billions of years after. It if works, his poem could outlast the human race.

I wanted to write about "play", but it's fallen prey to our 21st-century need for significance.

When someone tells me that something is impossible, I want to do it and prove it is.

Brush away your plaque with some wound-healing, car-repairing paste - Colgate sensitive pro-relief rapid and lasting relief ... from pain and suffering

Interviews designed to blow your minds [If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it? Asked at Apple]

Robert's soldiers use the wiki while on the move by talking, typing into a smart pad and annotating Google maps.

Military scholars have been arguing the importance of networks for future conflict for more than a decade now.

"Our wiki firewalls get cleverer and more responsive everytime the enemy tries to hack them ... they're alive, canny."

I like the idea of flattening this limitless, unknowable space into something as outdated as a family slide show.

We look for companies to dominate an initially small market that subsequently experience explosive growth

"Imagine if anyone caught spending money on Stephanie Meyer novels could be rendered down into their constituent chemicals and scattered on barren land as organic fertiliser." I make it explicit: this snip is by none other than Warren Ellis of WIRED magazine, who "didn't spend all these years evolving the ability to operate a bottle-opener to have all possible minions immolated in one go."

No more philosophy - genuine understanding

I see that undergraduates, rather than flocking in droves to investment-banking jobs, are turning to volunteering and smaller cars.

This is the future of warfare

It's not how many friends you have. But how much of a friend they are.

The significant is driving out the light.

My favorite is type 1b - it explodes as brightly as a billion suns.

Living under someone else's dominion? Serf. It's time to start your own country.

Wired explores the new trust economy. Someone in Brisbane borrows it until tuesday.

Overheated milk produces hydrogen sulphide, which smells like rotten eggs.

Microfoam malfunction?

Promptly resubmerge it to avoid rendering the milk unstable injecting too much air.

"And, O my brothers, would you believe your faithful friend and long suffering narrator pushed out his red yahzik a mile-and-a-half to lick the grahzny, vonny boots...The horrible killing sickness had whooshed up, and turned the like joy of battle into a feeling I was going to snuff it." - CWO

Way to ruin a perfectly good and naive sunday, like thinking things might just end up alright, and like there's a whole lot of decent people in the world who care. Thanks wired. I hope this urge to vomit subsides before dinner.

Got your attention? Check out "WHY THE IPAD REALLY MATTERS, P. 120"


MAY 10 £3.99 - weird.co.uk - THE FUTURE AS IT HAPPENS


Frankly, it all sounds to me like those visions of grandeur I associate with the occasional changeling days I start off with a strong shot of espresso, or a double tall latte.

And thats why Darjeeling, bergamot and walnuts.

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