Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


RE: last email

Go for it dude. Would be happy to hear you'd be happy, in your Lamborghini or just doing whatever ...

You are a clever guy, I always saw that ... but emotionally you are very unstable, no wonder considering all the shit you've been through.

Still, one week you abuse me like I'm a piece of shit, like u'd stab me in the back first chance you got, the next week you abuse me like I'm the only friend you have who can help you, and if I don't let you come visit and do detox for a month and take care of you like you my own kid you gonna die and it'll be my fault.

Anyway, as a friend, I can't say "yeah let's do a business, buddy" cuz then someday u'd distrust me I only did it for the money. Use your model, start your own business and make a ton of money and start a family or move to Australia or do whatever makes you happy.

And when you're a big fat genius, please have pity on me in your time of glory that I couldn't walk your road, and please don't begrudge me that in your time of need I couldn't help you as you wanted.

peace and love, e.

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