Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts



The opinions expressed herein are herewith my own, and expressly excludant of alternate repercussative actions directifying third party individuals, or otherwise legal bodies, organizations, corporations, or entities in general.

Specifically recalled from accountability include the following disclosures: place of work, employing body or overarching parent employing bodies, fellow employees, direct proprietors of place of domicile, significant other, offspring or siblings, next of kin, parental units, canine companionship, butler, cerebral dermis filamentous biomaterial manager, cellular mobile telephone manufacturer, and Google Inc.

Should the intellectual objects hereto referred to as such bring forth misgivings, or be deemed otherwise uncromulant, then responsibility should bear forth upon the progenitor's shoulders from whence they originated, and none such other.  As such, DBW, sole proprietor and solicitor, remains therefore singly and uniquely accountable in word and deed, and none other as alternative or substitute.

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