Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Morning after 56 herbs

Of want

Of desire

Of intent to deny

  the existence of principles
  by which one can smoothly live out ones days

Of boredom

Of heartlessness

Of aggression

  Do I relive my father's essence
  because I am his son?

Of desire to lead
Of burning intent
Of want of result
Of aggression for resolution
Of heartlessness for the loyal
Of boredom for the principles

  I relive my fathers essence
  for I am his son.

Now, in this calm hour,
in the presence of friends,
the bottle was drank
but returned for refund.

The body is wise.
Not like the mind,
  always trying to justify its existence.

Existence describes what a body does.

Fear the mind,
  trust the body.
Though the mind leads,
  the body follows.

All the faults you find in me are true.
I left without saying goodbye.
But see that I did right to return,
as you knew I would.
These faults are those of a young man.
The faults of pollen and seamen.

The mind has done enough damage here.
Approaching soon let the mind find calm
  comfort in nothingness
  while the body exists through it.
While the body persits,
stronger, truer,
loving the mind for its concoctions,
admiring the mind,
as a mother
her son.

-- (c) 2010 DBW, all rights reserved.

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