Darjeeling, Bergamot and Walnuts


Ceci n'est pas un poem

just words and sentences
that suited my fancy
a me(a)ssage for my sub- and consciousness
for the future since 2010

Darjeeling, bergamot and walnuts they say
up and lifted the Lorax away.
Although contrarywise, the opposite is true
Those who did the lifting away, those are you
who bang your who trinkets and bang your who trumpets
Going on without noticing what we must do.

Now I am no poet, I just speak for the trees
without whom you can return to the ocean if you please
To hang with the curious oysters and fishes
If all you want for the world is to grant your three wishes.

Too many a lichen have struggled on rocks
than justify a collection of pink cashmere socks
The power of life has been granted to you
Now go hurry up and figure out what to do.

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